An overview of amref and its contributions to promoting good health in the community

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Health education focuses on skill development and behavior change, in addition to information dissemination and increasing awareness of the importance of good health, preferably tailored to employees’ interests and needs.

The Secretary-General of the United Nations is a symbol of the Organization's ideals and a spokesman for the interests of the world's peoples, in particular the poor and vulnerable.

Working together: Promoting mental health and wellbeing at work

ECF grants have gone toward community projects such as aiding the homeless, stocking food banks, helping at-risk children succeed in school, providing job training for the unemployed, funding critical health services, supporting veterans programs and more.

The Mental Health Association (Rochester, NY) recognizes Danny Wegman, president, for “promoting mental wellness within the community by hiring mentally and physically disabled individuals,” and for funding related community projects.

September, Community Workers Help Reduce Costs of Treating Malaria. Amref International University to launch Health Journalism Course.

23 August, / by Amref Health Africa.

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Team Leadership Experience from Amref shared at YALI. 20 August, / by Kenaw Gebreselassie. / by Amref Health Africa. VMOSA helps groups do just that. This strategic planning process helps community groups define their dream, set their goals, define ways to meet those goals, and finally, develop practical ways bring about needed changes.

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An overview of amref and its contributions to promoting good health in the community
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